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Thanks to our indulgent flavors and dynamic nutritional profile, Carter & Oak can be a great fit for a wide range of foodservice facilities.

We currently serve NFL teams and retirement communities. Two very different demographics who both have a love, and need, for delicious food and

high-quality nutrition.

Whether you're serving our perfect-portion 8oz cups or spinning up soft serve, Carter & Oak is the

frozen dessert your facility has been looking for.

Contact us today to see how we can serve you.

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Team Director of

Sports Nutrition

“Carter & Oak Frozen Desserts are a great way to help athletes cool down and recover after
tough practices and games.

Our players loved using their products last season and we plan on continuing to use them to help aid in our recovery process.”

kristen petersen.jpg

Kristen Peterson, RD & Owner of Prime Life Nutrition

“Carter & Oak is not only delicious, but it's made of REAL ingredients. I love the quality of the ice cream, that it's got a real ice cream mouth feel and it also packs a ton of great protein to keep

you satisfied and full.”

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Executive Chef of a Luxury Retirement Community

“Recently, our Skilled Nursing Facility was introduced to Carter & Oak ice cream,
specifically for its high protein characteristic. Fortified milkshakes are utilized in our
facility and the Carter & Oak ingredients have enhanced the nutrient quality of our nourishments.

With new flavors being developed & introduced into our community, we hope to expand its use to our independent living resident population, who may want an alternative to the usual supplements and a delicious, sweet treat!”

*The identity of the NFL team employee and executive chef are not able to be disclosed due to their affiliation with large organizations and official endorsements not able to be given without contractual obligations. If you are a prospective wholesale customer please reach out and we can share more information with you at that time. Thank you!