A Message from Kyle

From a young age I've always had a passion for cooking, and actually wanted to be a chef for some time. I was recruited to play college lacrosse and during my 4 years I absolutely fell in love with fitness, nutrition and health. I was always trying create traditionally unhealthy food in a more healthy, delicious way.


I graduated in 2015 and shortly after my mother had passed following a 7-year battle with stage-4 colon cancer. During her battle she often experienced a sore throat, loss of appetite and significant weight loss -- all common side effects of chemotherapy. To help combat this she would often turn to ice cream and doctors would recommend various nutritional shakes. 


The issue was that the ice cream she would eat was super high in sugar, fat, made with artificial ingredients, and wasn't putting her body in an ideal position to feel better and recover from her treatments. And the shakes? well they were packed with sugar and questionable ingredients too.


With inspiration from my mother & her fight, I set out to create a product that would blend the comfort and indulgence of the ice cream she loved, with the nutrition she truly needed. This is what we know today as Carter & Oak. 

Whether you're a pro athlete, someone fighting cancer, or anyone in between, Carter & Oak provides the indulgence you crave with the nutrition you need. But we don't stop at just making incredible frozen desserts, we also pledge to donate a portion of our profits to help further cancer research.


Please feel free to reach out with your story, experience with Carter & Oak, suggestions, or questions here. 

- Kyle Peters | Founder